Saving Money of Making your Games

Saving Money of Making your Games

  • Wednesday, 25 August 2021
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        • Saving Money of Making your Games
          • Do you want to save Money of manufacturing your games? In our previous blog, we shared our tips of how to save costs by selecting different material, quality and technology.

          • Today, we would like to explain in more details how to save your Money through a very critical accessory - game card.

          • Most of us probably know that a clean and sharp steel punching die is absolutely necessary before a perfect cutting card deck comes out. 

          • A Steel knife mold doesnt look like much, but it is a savior of entire card deck quality. The precise and sharp knife mold can punch out smooth cards decks without any burrs, keep different corner radius perfectly and ensure cards content is centered up, down, left and right, especially the design of the card with a frame.


          • It is not difficult to understand that a sharp knife mold is one of main costs of producing game cards. The cost can be as high as $200 to $500 depending on different materials and sizes. 
          • For example, if your game includes three different sizes of cards at only 2,000units, then each copy can reach $0.1 to $0.25 when sharing the die fee. Therefore, using existing dies to avoid expensive mold fees is very important to bring down the production costs.

          • In our factory, we can provide more than 200 different sizes of playing cards steel cutting molds for using and for saving costs, including more than 70molds are close to very common cards size such as Poker size, Bridge size, Mini Size and Tarot size.

          • Here we want to share the list of these very commonly used and existing molds for you to save money. Welcome to contact us for more special mold sizes.

          • Choosing different game card materials is also one of the keys to save money of making your games. Here are some commonly used materials and their respective features.
          • 280~300gsm Chinese Black, Blue and Grey card stock
          • 250~400gsm white core card stock paper (coated paper)
          • 310~330gsm imported black core card stock (with or without linen finish)
          • 0.28~0.35mm PVC card stock
          • The Grey core card stock
          • Features: ordinary paper, relatively cheap, surface coating is not very uniform, less stiffness.

          • The Blue core card stock
          • Features: stiffness and density are good, moderate cost, surface coating is good.

          • The White core card stock
          • Features: coating evenly on both sides, color print best, good stiffness, flexible print plate sizes, 
          • slightly transparent, not very recommended for casino card.

          • The Black core card stock
          • Features: good stiffness, good toughness, folding resistance, anti-perspective, recommended for making casino cards, high cost, limited inventory.

          • PVC card stock
          • Features: waterproof, stain resistant, not easy to wear, high cost.

          • Selecting appropriat surface treatment for your game card to save costs
          • Ordinary glossy or matte varnish is necessary to protect the ink from fading, improve durability and waterproof. The price of these common surface treatments is relatively cheap.

          • If you want to add different special textures to the cards, enhance the smoothness, or make it look more high-end, more flash, special surface treatment and technology such as hot stamping, embossing, Spot UV and laser coating can also be used, but the cost will be at a different expensive level.


      Try to use existing molds, choose the right card stock and use the appropriate surface treatments to save money of making your games.

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