about us


About Us

From our original beginnings of printing color boxes and booklets on letterpress presses, we have grown into an experienced board game manufacturer and a modern company providing high quality board game production to customers around the world. Our factory, located in Huizhou, China, is a new comprehensive production facility with state-of-the-art equipment.
Our goal is to create greater value for our customers and become their most trustworthy partner. A sustainable business that develops and rewards our people through our competitive pay packages, performance bonuses, health-care and relevant training for all employees.


We are a trusted manufacturer of high quality tabletop board games and components including custom wood, plastic parts, metal coins, and cloth bags. Our experienced team is dedicated to finding the perfect combination of quality, cost, and speed of delivery to help facilitate the launch of your game. From concept to final product, we work closely with you to ensure your game is built to your exact specifications, on time, and within budget. We are passionate about creating unique games that stand out in today's competitive market and provide tailor-made manufacturing solutions to realize your vision.


Advanced Equipment

All are printed using Heidelberg four-color machines imported from Germany, and have complete professional brand production lines, color printing and packaging production lines and various paper processing production lines.

Our continued investment in machinery and technology keeps us ahead of the competition.

Storage and Shipping

Our warehouse enables continuous production and storage of our customers' products. Working with an experienced global network of shipping partners, we can ship your board game by sea, air or ground based on your budget and timing needs. No matter where they're going or how they're getting there, we'll make sure your game arrives safely and on time.


Our Team

Martin Zheng- CEO
With over a decade of printing experience and excellent business acumen, Martin leads the Honest Games team to serve game publishers and designers around the world.

Victoria Li- Marketing Director
Victoria has always maintained a good business acumen and takes "focus on quality, the heart serves" as its core values. She relies on her professional knowledge and unique experience to enable the sales team to complete every project flawlessly.

Daisy Zheng - Sr. Project Manager
Daisy has 12 years’ experience in the games manufacturing industry and leads HG’s purchasing, quality, engineering and production departments. You can always rely on her to provide the perfect solution for board game production, and she specializes in consulting on marketing plans and project strategies.

Annyca An- Sr. Sales Manager
Enthusiastic and cheerful, good at communication, she can always provide the best solutions for their board game projects from the customer's perspective. What's more, Annyca will be there whenever and wherever you need her.

Ben Liu - Production Manager
With more than 15 years of game production experience, he is responsible for arranging personnel, equipment, raw materials, and early stage to ensure that production safety, product quality, cost, and delivery time meet planned requirements.